Fun Things to do in Italy – Le Marche

Enjoy a concert in a historical theater.

Our region has the highest number of historical theaters in Italy. If you are an Italian classical music lover, an opera aficionado or you simply would like to visit the smallest and most beautiful historical theaters in the world, Le Marche is for you!

Visit  Venezia

The Casino di Venezia is established within the Ca’ Vendramin Calgeri, which is a castle along the Grand Canal in the Cannaregio quarter of Venice. The palace was built in the early 1500s, and over a hundred years later around 1638, it became a gambling hall for rich Venetians. As a palace, it also features apartments and rooms for the influential Venetians who lived there.

Visit the world’s accordion capital

In Castelfidardo are manufactured the best professional accordions. Read about the story of this typical Italian instrument and visit the accordion museum of Castelfidardo.

Find your hat in Montappone

Montappone produces half of Europe’s hats and most of the Italian production and has been manufacturing high quality hats since the 17th century.

Visit the amazing hat gallery and buy the hat you always wanted during the Montappone festival, a celebration of Italian crafts, a fun thing to do in Italy.

Buy a house in one of Italy’s beautiful villages.

Do you think the properties in Tuscany and Umbria are outrageously expensive? Well, you may be right. Try next door region, Le Marche. The villages are charming
and still unspoiled.

Experience the designer shoe outlet therapy

Every woman knows that nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than browsing luxury shoe shops and designer handbags outlets. Our region has been manufacturing the best Italian shoes for centuries, enjoy a great shoe shopping session in Le Marche.

Discover Italian wildlife

Protected areas of Le Marche amount to the 8% of the entire territory and yes, there is a wide range of wild animals in Italy.

Encounters with wolves, wild boars, bears, eagles and lynxes are not a rare event.

Drive carefully through the protected areas especially at night, wild boars are massive and have no traffic sense!

Explore a castle with your kids

In our region there are enough castles to keep your children busy for years and exploring them is one of the fun things to do in Italy.

Explore Mondavio dungeons, dance with the fairies in Gradara and enjoy Italy with your kids.

Enjoy Active Holidays

Taking a cooking holiday, learning Italian, painting landscapes or participate to a dancing festival are great ways to get in touch with Italian people culture and enhance your holidays.


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