Some Tips for Traveling to Australia

Australia is a very tolerant country with people coming from different cultures. Although Australia has a lot of traditions, each member of the community is encouraged to maintain and share cultural values and religion within the framework of the French law as well as respect the rights of others. To adapt to the life in the Australian community, it is important to be aware of this custom.

1.Meet and communication

When meeting someone for the first time, you usually have to shake their right hand with your own right hand. People will not kiss or hug you, though when meeting for the first time. Australians would not feel comfortable if they are asked questions relating to age, marital status and finances. When talking to an Australian, you should look in their face because they assume that you respect them and it’s a sign of you listening carefully. Australians tend to think that the fact that people do not say “please” or “thank you” is the lack of courtesy. Therefore, “Please” and “thank you” are useful words when you come to this country. These words help you build better relationships with Australian when communicating with someone or when you are purchasing something.


Australia is a multicultural community. The variety of clothing people wear here also partly reflects this diversity. There is no specific provision on how to dress. Many people dress according to social situations and weather. For example, when they are at the beach, they can dress very casually.


In Australia, people never bargain when shopping except when they go shopping to the second-hand market.

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